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Thirty years ago, women made up 44 percent of all law students in the United States.

Since 2016, women have outnumbered men attending U.S. accredited law schools.

The logical conclusion: In the last 30 years, the numbers of men and women in the legal talent pipeline have been, roughly, equal.

And yes, ADR gender statistics vary among practice areas and geographical regions. But recent studies suggest that as a whole, male arbitrators and mediators are selected about 75 to 85 percent of the time in the United States. In 2018, the American Bar Association adopted Resolution 105 to raise public awareness and to address data showing that diversity in ADR significantly trails the diversity seen within the legal profession.

Which is the reason we created SheResolves™


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About Us

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SheResolves is not a mediation or arbitration firm.* We are an invitation-only network of the top women mediators and arbitrators in each state who are selected after passing a rigorous set of objective criteria and peer-review. Our members offer a broad range of subject matter expertise in most areas of commercial dispute mediations or arbitrations. Users of our online member directory can locate a vetted and highly respected ADR professional using a variety of searchable fields to fit specific ADR needs. And there is no cost to use the SheResolves online directory to locate a mediator or arbitrator.

We make it easy to find quality women mediators and arbitrators.

*SheResolves does not provide ADR services directly, nor do we provide or advertise attorney services.


About Us

Our Mission

We understand the true value of women’s diverse skills and accomplishments as arbitrators and mediators, and we ask others to value us too. SheResolves targets our message to litigators, general counsel, C-suite executives, and other decision makers. We highlight the problem, and we spotlight the solution. Our mission is to connect, support, and promote women mediators and arbitrators.

SheResolves takes our gender equity mission further. We understand the true value of diversity and accessibility in ADR, and we seek to include, support, and promote women of all races, religions, sexual orientations, physical abilities, social and ethnic backgrounds. 

And of course, SheResolves professionals literally get better with age.

Our members network with other female professionals, and with women in the ADR talent pipeline. We attend semi-annual chapter dinners where we share ideas and solutions, develop our professional skills, and mentor up-and-coming mediators and arbitrators.

And this is just our starting line. As we grow, SheResolves will find more ways to champion and support professional women. We will stay focused on offering high quality and truly diverse and representative options for those needing the skills of dispute resolution professionals.


Why Join SheResolves


Despite significant advances in the legal profession, with women now outnumbering men in U.S. law schools, female mediators and arbitrators in the U.S. are selected only about 15-25 percent of the time. SheResolves makes it easier for professionals to identify capable and qualified women mediators and arbitrators, get information about their background and qualifications, and ultimately select the professionals who are best able to help resolve disputes.


Through social media, paid advertising, direct email and other marketing channels, SheResolves’ enhances members’ visibility across the legal industry. SheResolves spotlights member achievements, awards, and articles and offers a much-needed platform for preeminent women mediators and arbitrators.


As we grow, SheResolves will offer virtual and live networking and mentorship opportunities for members, including periodic networking dinners and a digital chat room where members can share ideas and questions, and provide solutions, about ADR issues. SheResolves will offer women aspiring to become ADR professionals an opportunity to connect with experienced women in ADR, find mentors, and help us grow the talent pipeline.


SheResolves provides a meaningful opportunity for all of us to support other women, with a goal of championing gender equity.  Whether a member, a user, or simply as a supporter of diversity, equity and inclusion more generally, SheResolves provides all of us with an opportunity to put our words of support for gender equity into meaningful action.


A twelve-month SheResolves membership costs just $45 per month. When you are selected for inclusion in the SheResolves directory, with your professional profile reaching an ever-expanding audience, you will receive a marketing badge that can be used on your own print or digital marketing to let customers know of your achievement and direct them to learn more about the SheResolves mission.


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