Who We Are

Who We Are

If you are a highly experienced ADR professional, please consider joining SheResolves and support our mission to connect, support, and promote women mediators and arbitrators.

If you are someone who works with ADR professionals, please consider choosing SheResolves members and support our mission to connect, support, and promote women mediators and arbitrators.

Email us at info@sheresolves.org to learn more about joining. To submit information for membership consideration, click here.

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Our Members

SheResolves membership is by invitation only and is limited to commercial ADR professionals. Before being included in our directory of preeminent ADR professionals, two existing SheResolves members must nominate a neutral as a membership candidate. If you are interested in becoming a SheResolves member and you meet our criteria, please contact an existing member in your state, or contact a member of our Advisory Council, or email us at info@sheresolves.org, for information about candidate nominations.

About Us

Our Methodology

Only licensed attorneys in good standing are eligible for inclusion in the SheResolves directory. Exceptions may be granted for non-attorneys in unique circumstances, with the member’s profile clearly noting the exception. SheResolves members are leading commercial dispute resolution professionals. As such, family law ADR experience will not be considered for purposes of the SheResolves criteria. Additionally, where mediator or arbitrator certifications are required by the relevant state jurisdiction, members must maintain the appropriate accreditation.

While membership criteria may vary depending on the type of dispute resolution or industry, venue, practice area, and other factors, SheResolves members typically have at least three to five years of ADR experience. To be considered as a mediator in the SheResolves directory, most members will have completed a minimum of 200 paid mediations. To be considered as an arbitrator in the SheResolves directory, most members will have served as arbitrator or umpire in at least three commercial binding arbitrations, and most will be qualified by an independent arbitration institution.

About Us

Our Approach

Candidates must demonstrate a history of mentoring other women in ADR. If selected, members must commit to at least five documented hours per year mentoring other women in ADR, and must nominate at least three qualified candidates for SheResolves membership during the first year of membership. Those selected for membership in SheResolves pay a $45 per month membership fee and we ask for a minimum one-year commitment.

Candidates must complete a membership questionnaire and submit a current CV. Candidates may, if ethics rules permit, choose to provide contact information for references consisting of attorneys representing each side of mediated or  arbitrated disputes occurring in the previous twelve months. In selecting candidates for membership, SheResolves will ensure the candidate’s resolution skill, neutrality, effectiveness, professional demeanor, and other attributes of ADR preeminence. When selected, members must submit a current biography and professional headshot for website publication.

SheResolves may, at its discretion, waive certain criteria in exceptional circumstances.  SheResolves retains the discretion to terminate memberships for any reason.

Natalie Paskiewicz, Esq.

Advisory Council

Anne Kevlin, Esq.

Lori Adelson, Esq.

Jeanne Charles, Esq.

Jennifer Feld, Esq.

Kelly Overstreet Johnson, Esq.

Cindy Koehler, Esq.

Natalie Paskiewicz, Esq.

Lisa W. Timmons, Esq.

Hon. Betty R. Widgeon, Ret’d